Abheek Ghosh

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Oxford supervised by Profs. Edith Elkind and Paul W. Goldberg. I work in economics and computation, and my recent research has focused on contest theory and learning dynamics in games. I spent a summer working with Prof. Milind Tambe and the AI4SG and MLO team at Google Research on problems related to multi-armed bandits. Prior to joining Oxford, I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Umang Bhaskar in voting theory.

Address:  Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD, United Kingdom.

Email: firstname (dot) lastname (at) cs.ox.ac.uk CV


(α) denotes alphabetical ordering of authors

Best-Response Dynamics in Tullock Contests with Convex Costs.
Abheek Ghosh. WINE '23.

Best-Response Dynamics in Lottery Contests.
(α) Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg. EC '23.

Indexability is Not Enough for Whittle: Improved, Near-Optimal Algorithms for Restless Bandits.
Abheek Ghosh, Dheeraj Nagaraj, Manish Jain, Milind Tambe. AAMAS '23.

Simultaneous Contests with Equal Sharing Allocation of Prizes: Computational Complexity and Price of Anarchy.
(α) Edith Elkind, Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg. SAGT '22.

Contests to Incentivize a Target Group.
(α) Edith Elkind, Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg. IJCAI '22.

Complexity of Deliberative Coalition Formation.
(α) Edith Elkind, Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg. AAAI '22.

Contest Design with Threshold Objectives.
(α) Edith Elkind, Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg. WINE '21.

On the Welfare of Cardinal Voting Mechanisms.
(α) Umang Bhaskar, Abheek Ghosh. FSTTCS '18.

Truthful and Near-Optimal Mechanisms for Welfare Maximization in Multi-Winner Elections.
(α) Umang Bhaskar, Varsha Dani, Abheek Ghosh. AAAI '18.

Working Papers

Bayesian Learning Dynamics in Contests with Bandit Feedback.
(α) Edith Elkind, Abheek Ghosh, Paul W. Goldberg.

Information Design with Private Type, Elicitation, and Imitation.
(α) Jiarui Gan, Abheek Ghosh, Nicholas Teh.

Inapproximability of Social Welfare in Additively Separable Hedonic Games.
(α) Martin Bullinger, Abheek Ghosh.

Other Activities


University of Oxford
Combinatorial Optimization, Fall 2023.
Computational Game Theory, Spring 2023.
Probability and Computing, Fall 2022.
Complexity Theory, Spring 2022.

University of Texas at Austin
Algorithms and Complexity, Spring 2020.
Scientific and Technical Computing, Fall 2018, 2019.
Debugging and Verification, Spring 2019.


AAMAS-J '23, NeurIPS '23, GEB '23, ICALP '23, AAAI '22, WINE '22, SAGT '22, WINE '18, EC '18, WINE '17.

Awards and Fellowships

Clarendon Fund Scholarship. University of Oxford, 2020–2024.
President of India Gold Medal. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2018.
Institute Merit Scholarship. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, 2015, 2017.